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This activity allows the students to be creative and also shows how to calculate area. They can make their house as big or little as the want, as long as the can find the area of the house when its finished.

Math door - I want to do this when we talk about area/perimeter!

A game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a colour pencil or texta they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the middle of the shape. Game ends when players run out of room to draw. Winner is the player who has used the largest area/most squares.

10 Hands-On Strategies for Teaching Area and Perimeter |, love the name activity

  • Deborah Sherman

    I used this activity in my classroom. I prepped the pages for students, but it really helps with the concept.

Spaghetti And Meatballs For All! by Marilyn Burns - use to teach area and perimeter

Area and Perimeter Word Problems - Free in Laura Candler's geometry file cabinet

Perimeter and Area . I like the idea of having the kids create this.

Use index cards to form different shapes and practice perimeter and area, and find relationships between the two . Perfect activity for finding missing measures or finding the area of irregular shapes.

Fun and FREE lesson to teach Area & Perimeter using literature!

Awesome ideas for "interactive notebooks"! She teaches middle school math but her ideas could be adapted to any grade

This is a great visual for perimeter and area.

  • Toru Tara

    Just what I need to remind children about perimeter and area