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Small Space Design

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determined to put a kitchen chandelier in... might also do a wall of chalkboard paint.

really extravagant for a small living room but wowee... an atomic filament chandelier...

filament chandelier


Nice mix of baroque and mid century. The bed blows but the chandelier is great.

A giant moon lamp that looks like the Death Star? Are you kidding me? I love this. Even though the room looks like somewhere the guy from American Psycho would live.

I'm not going to do this but I won't lie, I uttered an audible "Oh my God!" when I saw it...

is this a rug? do i need it? gah.

the couch is awful but there's a hemingway vibe to this set up (maybe all the wood?) that feels nice.

I like the wall and the photograph spacing. The lighting is a nice color. The couch needs to get out of the 80s however.

I secretly hate myself for liking this.

I definitely need a shag carpet huh...

brilliant mix of old and new... wow. not a fan of animal hide or brick floors but still.

Ooh, I love the lighting here

Hmm... a grey wall is an interesting idea. Mad Men is a great theme.

OMG. What great toile.... (1950 Birge Wallpaper by American Vintage Home)

1950s Living Room - Heywood Wakefield by American Vintage Home, via Flickr

adorable mid century lamp

Painting one wall in the living room this red. My couch looks similar to this minus the chaise (and it's black because white... c'mon... no).

this is a quasi-realistic living room set up for me although that table looks too ikea

My place will look nothing like this but here's to aspirational things.

I like the idea of a large graphic even though this lay out is too conservative for my taste