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Kongo culture (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Gabon)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts | Richmond, Virginia

Female figurine, circa 5000 BC, neolithic culture of Çatalhöyük in Turkey

ROMAN BRONZE NUDE APHRODITE | Arranging her hair depicted as two skeins, one held in each of her upraise hands. Syria, 1st Century AD

Pottery figurine of a woman holding a dog From Nayarit, West Mexico 300 BC - AD 300

British Museum - Highlight image

Swan goddess at Altes Museum. Female ivory figure, a fragment from a musical instrument. So-called Swan Goddess around 750 BC.

Carved Ivory Mesopotamian Votive Figurine of the Goddess Ishtar, Circa 3000 BCE. Ishtar, known as Inanna to the Sumerians, was universal as a goddess in various forms in the ancient middle east. She was the Akkadian supreme goddess of sexual love and fertility and was also the goddess of war, ‘the lady of battles’. Her symbol was an eight pointed star that was identified with the planet Venus; later the Romans knew her by this name.

Acheulian Goddess - The Great Mother, most ancient goddess, shaped from rock by our ancestors 1/4 million to 3/4 million years ago.

Oldest Stone Goddess Acheulian Willendorf Statue-Sacred Source

Bird headed Snake Goddess of Africa c 4000 BCE #goddess

12. Ophiuchus Family Tree ~ III. Egyptian Branch

[NEOLITHIC] Venus steatopygia -- Goddess represented with the hands on her breast, symbolizing the female fertilizing strength. Neolithic medium, 4th millennium BCE. On display at Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari (ITA)

540BC-500BC Period/Culture Archaic Greek Bronze figure of a kore. The girl stands with the left foot slightly in front of the right. Her right arm is bent, the hand resting on her waist. The left arm was stretched out but is broken before the elbow. She wears a chiton draped in an unusual manner, stretched over her upper body, pulled out beneath the armpits by the action of her arms. The chiton has a large overfold and leaves her forearms bare.

Image gallery: figure

mother goddess neolithic. Turkey

Title: "Les Trois Grâces" Class: Free-standing statue  Material: Marble Height: 1.19 metres Context: Found in the Villa Cornovaglia in Rome Original / Copy: Roman copy of Greek statue C2nd BC

Figurine, 800s BC Iran, Amlash, 9th Century BC terracotta

A Maya Jaina Portrait of An Anguished Woman

Female Worshipper, c. 1600-1500 BC Crete, Minoan, Middle Minoan III - Late Minoan I

Egito Faraônico

Flying Nike (Victory) Greek, East Greek, Hellenistic Period, 2nd century B.C. PLACE OF MANUFACTURE Myrina, Aeolis, Asia Minor