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This kind of looks like candy corn...Bikini Martini - coconut rum, vodka, pineapple juice & grenadine

A Spring Necessity ! The Best Skinny Margarita Recipes. Easy, low calorie, these are PERFECT !!

Strawberry Basil Sangria Tastes Like Spring - Click for Recipe

The Sarasota: 1 large bottle of Moscato or Riesling Wine, 1 can of raspberry lemonade concentrate, a splash of sprite, crushed raspberries, mix all ingredients together and enjoy!

Flaming Dr. Pepper shot. @Jessica Nazzareno :)

strangest drink Brain Hemorrhage 1 oz peach schnapps 1 tsp Bailey's® Irish cream 1/2 tsp grenadine syrup Maybe a good drink for a Halloween party.

Drunk gummy bears! :) Adults only. Soak a bag of gummy bears in vodka for 3 to 5 days in the fridge. The Gummy Bears will soak it all up! Serve at a party for a bit of fun and something different! :)

Vampire Kiss...with coconut, pineapple and vodka


Whipped Cream Vodka + Root beer + whipped cream + cherry. Hello big girl root beer float.

New Years!! Champagne Jello Shots: 2 pkg white grape jello, 1 cup boiling water, 1 cup chilled champagne!

Tiffany's lemonade [lemonade, peach schnapps & blue curacao]