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In loving memory of my Mother...

So, my mom and I were talking about my grandpa, and this was one of the first pins that popped up. I miss him so much, but I think this is a sign.

1/30/12 Thank you for posting this. Today would have been my moms 63rd birthday.. I lost both her and my dad not long ago to lung cancer. I look all the time for signs from them. I think this was meant for me today on her birthday. I miss her with every breath I take. :( ♥

  • Li Cullen

    Thank you for sharing. I lost my mom one month ago over the lung cancer. The most painful experience in my life. I wish I could hold her tight one more time.

I lost her twice. First to Alzheimer's, then when she actually died. So many times I want/need to talk to her!

  • Loni Reginato

    Dominica Wright Sanchez - How many times have I said that…I lost my Mother twice. First to the Ugly A (Alzheimer's) and when she actually passed. My heart knows the love you have for your Mother, as well as the pain in your heart from losing her to this life. Know that you are not alone!

A big part of my heart is in Heaven now. My Daddy took it with him when he went.

I will miss you so very much Kort and I was lucky to have had a friend like you. I always have loved you even in times we weren't together. See you in heaven someday and I'm sure you've already got those boring angels laughing and having fun because that was just your way. R.I.P. Kortney tell Kelly I said hi and I love her too

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So glad I found this! When my dad was going through cancer treatment one of the nurses gave me this quote on a necklace and I lost it! :(

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I ❤ my angel mother - I miss my mother who is now with her Heavenly Father. As a friend told me after my Mother's death, she is now where she worked her whole life to be. That brings me great comfort! Thank you, God for blessing me with a mother who raised me in a Christian home and taught me so much about unconditional love. :)

Ugh.. Watching you leave was harder then I thought... I wish you could come back an give me a hug... Your smile shines brighter then the sun... Your laughter is full of fun.. You at peace now and your happy ad can be... But someday we will meet.. I miss you so much it's really hard for me. you raised me and my cousins so happily... I really miss you and love you so much ..,, fly away my yellow butterfly ~ Jennifer ....

My Mother is An AWESOME Grandmother!!!All of her grandchildren light up her heart,Just as her mother was with me :)

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