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DIY cupcakes stands....candle holders / metal plates/ apray paint. dollar store deal!

Glow Stick Floating Hands Creepy! Fill surgical gloves with glow sticks, blow them up, and let them float in your pool. 20Fun things to do with glow sticks!

Runaway Bride! hahaha this is actually an awesome costume idea!!

Homemade Guess Who: People you actually know...this would actually be hilarious

lemon flowers, great for summer party served in water or ice tea.

How to make a cupcake bouquet...could be my new birthday present to people!

Curious George... This is cute :) I want to do thisssssss so badd

This website is like the Pinterest of Halloween costumes! - keeping this website in mind for next year

Cut brownies into triangles, decorate like a Christmas tree, then use a peppermint stick as a tree trunk.

Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground. Awesome for parties/showers. BRILLIANT!!

This is so easy. Cut out any scary shapes on black cardboard, tape to window panes, cover with green tissue paper and light from behind. It's a great effect. SOOO doin this!

Upside Down Wine Glasses Christmas Ornaments underneath as candle holders

Can you just image doing this to the front steps for Halloween night? It could be hosed off the next morning.