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How to get rid of water rings

Zymaderm! I swear by this stuff if your child ever catches the dreaded molluscum contagiosum. Derm told us to use wart remover, DO NOT PUT YOUR CHILD THROUGH THAT it will scar their sensitive skin and it burns and hurts them, my daughter was in tears, but Zymaderm is homeopathic, natural, and approved by the FDA. My daughter never complained about it burning or itching and the bumps were gone within a week after using this product. I swear by it and they provide a 100% $ back guarantee :)

  • Julie Sanders

    I had a wart on my toe several years back. I used a natural gel every day two times a day and kept removing the black roots. Finally one day, they were all gone and my skin was smooth again. Such a relief before the winter came and I had to wear closed toed shoes again!

so my mom has been swearing by this stuff and being the daughter I am it went in one ear and out the other... I gave it a try and I am so glad I did.. the possibilities are endless with this little wonder!:)

  • Julie Sanders

    We use it for popping popcorm, grilled cheese sandwhiches. I have used it in a couple of chicken recipes too. I've had the same jar for years, but just recently been using it more and more as I familiarize myself with it. It doesn't go rancid. I give it to my dogs too....very beneficial for thier coat as well as digestive health.