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Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

Only Awesome Stuff: Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

HOW TO KEEP YOUR FOOD DRY IN A COOLER WHILE CAMPING… Genius !!! Place ice and cans at the bottom of the cooler. Place cooling racks on top of the cans. Now you have a nice dry shelf to place food on.

Portable recycling/trash bag holder... perfect for BBQ's this summer! Recycle all your bottles & cans at get-togethers and parties.

Make a s'mores box to store all of your supplies! So annoying to juggle the pack of crackers, the sticky bag of marshmallows, the candy bar... It won't change the world, but it will simplify my camping!

This is GENIUS. Why haven't I ever thought of this? How to keep your bread from getting wet and soggy while it is in the cooler.

Camping Food ideas. Kind of dig this spaghetti sandwich idea since leftover spaghetti is the best food ever. AND...omg revelation! Spread garlic butter on the bread for further awesomeness!!

Marinated Steak Shish Kabobs from This steak is so juicy and flavorful! #recipes #grilling #steak #kabobs

Corn grilled in the husk...never done it, always wanted to...will now.

Lettuce Wedge Salad with a Mustard-Mayo dressing

4th of July recipes: Lettuce Wedges with Creamy Dressing

Outdoor use. flies HATE pine-sol. Mix it with water, about 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle. Use to wipe counters or spray on the porch and patio table and furniture Drive them away!

How to make Ice Cream in a coffee can ~ fun science experiment with a yummy reward in the end :)

Leave 1/4 of Mountain dew in bottle (just don't drink it all), add a tiny bit of baking soda and 3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake - voila! Homemade glow stick (bottle) solution.

Camping Recipes & tips on how to package the food so it's all ready to go... :)