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From the Bottom Up - A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds Permaculture Research Institute - Permaculture Forums, Courses, Information & News

From the Bottom Up – A DIY Guide to Wicking Beds
  • Paul Bear

    Love this illustration. And the drain on the left there prevents over-watering. You can get adequate water to plants without leaching minerals and potentially changing the pH of the soil. Bravo! Paul | mysquarefootorganicgardenin...

A double fence around a vegetable garden will keep the deer out but not the tomato eating squirrels.

Priceless parsnips

Place rebar in ground and slide plastic pipe over it for row covers.

This site gives you suggested plots based on a 4x4 garden as well as tips and tricks. pretty sweet.

Plantagram | Williams-Sonoma

Hmmm... Interesting. Keyhole Garden. 2 of these can feed a family of 10 all year round & use as little as a gallon of water a day, it's an awesome concept. A keyhole garden is the ultimate raised-bed planter. It is built in the shape of a circle about 6 ft. in diameter that stands waist-high & with a slice cut away. A hole in the center holds a composting basket that moistens & nourishes soil. The garden, can be built with recycled materials & requires less water than a conventional garden...

We use annual rye as a cover crop to add back nutrients and keep the soil protected through the winter

This is a great website to design your garden. You can set your location and it will show you how much space each plant needs and give you reminders.

Garden Plan - 2013: Community Garden plot