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9d2727beed0eb901105f89cf2e83f48c 153x300 12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations

12 Secret Pandora Workout Stations -

arms workout. Can be done at home while the kids are watching their favourite show :)

30 Minute Stationary Bike Workout - Snap Fitness

15 Minute Stationary Bike Workout

My PT & Surgeon's office. Physical Therapy - Postoperative Rehabilitation Protocols, Orthopaedic Specialists North Carolina Physical Therapy

Reason to be fit: because an injury is only a slow down, not a complete stop. I'm sadly one that has stopped working out completely since having my vein problems worsening and now that i'm recovering from surgery i'm motivated to get back in it!

"table hamstring stretch." key here: back upright, leg at 90 degrees.

Cardio workout you can do in small spaces w/ no equipment like a dorm room or apartment.

September 30 Day Ab And Squat Calendar - I'd rather do this in a month closer to swimsuit season. Fall/winter are my off-months ;-)

knee pain relief