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BJD - ball jointed dolls I'm loving

Realpuki Soso tiny BJD from Fairyland wig, faceup and clothes made by DuhBe

custom mod of a Hujoo baby Ted doll. Nice work. from "For the Love of Dremel" blog

Leshy from Island doll is a tiny 10cm resin sprite. via Flickr

Ulie / Yewlee / Yew-Lee - a photo on Flickriver
  • Luci Ayyat

    starts at $80 for blank doll at Denver Doll Emporium

look what Desertmountainbear did with a $25 Hujoo Suve! Great customization. via Flickr

OOAK Hujoo Baby Ted ABS basic Custom doll. by Candy Smoothie, via Flickr

  • Luci Ayyat

    Ted starts at $25 for a blank doll and is 12 cm tall

10" Sprockets dolls from MarbledHalls start at 395$ blank or 595$ for artist painted dolls. Tres cher - but so pretty!

  • Pixies Made Me Do It

    These are really nice and a little unique and I love them. Meek is gorgeous but I really would like to see glee.

Enyo from irrealdoll, so cute in casual clothes

  • Luci Ayyat

    around $400 USD but she only accepts euros so it fluctuates

The site this came from has no info on the doll, but her face is gorgeous.

Reisistance is futile. RealPuki Ari - new release from Fairyland dolls.

FairyLand Ball Joint Doll Shopping Mall

Fairyland sneakiness! A new RealPuki named Ara. Want, want, want.

Light Tan Mouse by Daisy Dayes is 15cm tall. PREORDER by 9/15/12 and she sells for 295 dollars

faber the faun by Nikki Brit is $560. Out of my price range but super cute and very limited.

Ningyo by Kim Lasher. Preorder at the end of 2012? She is 4.5" tall. Loving her!

Boni sculpt by ApoDoll is 12.5cm tall with cute impy-elfy ears

little Beata from Illusion Spirit is 1/12 size (16cm) and runs $115

Hilary body by Doll Chateau. She has a weird body, but I really like it. Great for fae.

Ino by Irrealdoll in toffee skintone. I love these, but the pre-order sold out in the first day already!

Oooh! What a cutie! Natural colour Thistledown by SleepingElf on Etsy.

  • Luci Ayyat

    She is 10cm tall and costs $175 which includes faceup and wig.

tiny Yu from Resinsoul - still on my wishlist (and only $75)

I'm adding PlanetDoll mini Riz to my wishlist

  • Luci Ayyat

    Mini-Riz is 27cm and $156 without faceup at Denver Doll

Artificial Intelligence - Enchanted Doll by Marina Bychkova