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My Favorite Things

Things I love, collect, crave, and just can't get enough of.

Rainy days (this pic reminds me of a drizzly, but magical, few days I spent in Shibu Onsen, Japan)

Matt Czuchry - Loved him in Gilmore Girls and now in The Good Wife. So smart and sexy!

All things Joss Whedon

Puppy head tilts

Cross-species maternal love. Never fails to amaze me.

Onions. While many people can't stand them, I love em. Extra onions please!

Japan, my favorite place to visit. Been there twice (this is a pic from the last visit). Better than any other country I've ever been to, in so many ways...

Skyline Chili Pasta...too bad there isn't a Skyline anywhere near here! CRAVE this stuff.

Rescue pets and the people who are committed to saving them. ~~~Don't breed or buy while shelter pets die!

Roasted veggies. I like them cooked until they are practically sticky with caramelization, fresh from the oven. Like candy!

The color pink (from the lightest blush pinks to coral/salmon-y pinks, to the wildest neon pinks!)

Jacuzzi bath tubs

  • Courtney Mason

    i hope my i trip over a bag of a billion dollars or my future husband has lots of money to get this bath tub! lol

Pretty, cozy afghans