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Another one, from the Tokyo Quilt Festival

Tokyo Festival 2010 Charming, charming quilt!

高原ゆかり作品集 ~ 布や糸を絵具にかえて ~ : パッチワークキルト・手芸キットのゆう風舎 Yukori Takahara

高原ゆかり作品集 ~ 布や糸を絵具にかえて ~ : パッチワークキルト・手芸キットのゆう風舎 Net Shop

Fairy Circle ~ Excellence Award. 2012 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Photo by Be*mused.

"Spring Is With Us Now" by Yoko Sugisawa (60"x86") 3rd Place Large-Wall Quilts: Hand Quilted Paducah 2014.

"Rose Garden" by Kumiko Funaki 39"x 39" - Made with paper-foundation hexagons Design source: "Applique Rose Garden Vintage Album Patterns" by Faye Labanaris.

Tokyo International Quilt Festival 2013

Aki Sakai's, Blue Tone. Aki's quilt won the Coats Clark Best Wall Hand Workmanship award at AQS QuiltWeek Paducah 2014.

Yoko Saito quilt by cyberphenicia, via Flickr

made by Kumiko Hujita in パッチワークレッスン

Выставка "Вышивка и бисер" 2014. Фрагменты работ японской художницы по текстилю Фумико Накаяма, выполненных в различных техниках вышивки и аппликации.

Выставка "Вышивка и бисер" 2014. Фрагмент работы японской художницы по текстилю Фумико Накаяма, выполненный в технике многослойной аппликации, заимствованной у народа кунов.

2014 International Tokyo Quilt Show

Can you recognise Sherlock Holmes, Red Riding Hood, Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione, Charlie Chaplin and Tora-san? I am sure you can find many more famous characters beautifully worked into this fantastic travel quilt. The title is, 'Encouragement for Travels - prologue'.

'Australia gensan burashi-no-ki wo anata ni puresento' made by Sanae Funabashi. Posted at Queenie's Needlework: Yokohama International Quilt Week 2013 - Miniature quilts

Gathering Hearty Roses by Aiko Miyata, Norimi Tashiro, Nobuko Kotani, Reiko Terui (Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan) - 2013 Houston IQF. Photo by Quilt Inspiration.

Quilt Inspiration: Happy Valentine's Day !