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Frog Spot: Make a Spinny Game / Center

Skip Counting Hop Scotch- going to do this for 100th day; great for multiplication songs too!

Egg Carton Math - 2 players, roll the dice, add them up and put your colored piece in the appropriate numbered egg hole. First to get one of each number wins.

Lego board game. The winner is whoever has the tallest tower at the end of the game. Fun!

Tally Marks Game-another option would be to use popsicle sticks with a deck of playing cards and either remove J,Q, K or assign values to them.

Kindergarten tally mark activity- Reilly

Here's an activity for tallying objects around the classroom and then recording how many.

Swiper steals some numbers from the 100 chart each evening after the students go home. The next morning students figure out what numbers he swiped. Cute idea!

Math Sorting Mats for Centers Numbers 11 to 20 Sorting mats and cards that help younger students with one to one correspondence, counting, and cardinality. Great center activity!

Give the students two dice and have them roll and add. The students then use the correct cup to cover the number.

Domino Math Center (free!!). Change to create a two digit number with domino then add both numbers up to see what you add to the 2 digit number