Classroom Foundations

Pyramid of Success and & Habits

As you teach The 7 Habits of The Leader in Me to your students, use this tree map to brainstorm both what Leaders Are, Can, Have AND how Leaders Ac...

Everything for Leader in Me - 7 Habits for Students AND Creating a Classroom Mission Statement!!

Middle School Mentor

Leadership Lanyards {Leader in Me & 7 Habits}

Store: Ms-White -

I want to use these like I used to use "Caught Being Good" tickets. I might also write, "Habit: 1, 2, 3...7" so I can circle which habit. However, it might be easier to keep it general! Or, I could circle the number and the kids could have a 7 habits "BINGO" board and get a reward when all are filled.

Store: Cherry-Rocks -

"Leader in Me" Meet the Teacher/Back to School Night activity. Teacher, students, parents share thoughts. Post for year as daily mission/goals.

The Leader in Me Level 6 Student Activity Guide

Student Activity Guides - The Leader In Me

The Leader in Me — Level 2 Activity Guide 7 Habits resources Student and Annotated Teacher's Editions Available

Student Activity Guides - The Leader In Me

Everything you need to set up a leadership - data notebook - binder!!! Goal setting, reflections, 7 habits, behavior, tracking data, etc.

Middle School Mentor

Student Activity Guides - The Leader In Me

Student Activity Guides - The Leader In Me


Middle School Mentor

Leader In Me Notebook - Seven Habits, Data, Goals, Behavio

Middle School Mentor

The Leader in Me on canvas--super cute!! I would love this as a finished Friday activity! Design it one week and paint the next... Thanks @Belinda Chan for helping us lead the way!

Life Skills and Leader in Me Activity Journal from The Salty Pickle on (52 pages)

Teachers Notebook

Data Notebook Leadership Notebook for Student Use Bundle 1 - Good ideas

Data Notebook Leadership Notebook for Student Use Bundle 1

I'm making a sign of this and posting it right by the door the kids go out every day so they have no choice but to read it.

Leader in Me meets the Clip Chart!! Two wonderful classroom management ideas brought together to create a Leader in Me Clip Chart.


21 Days of Gratitude Challenge & 3 different printable prompts to choose from and to remind you to be grateful each day! - This one is focused on the family and kids, there's one for kids with more explanation and another one.... #21Gratitude

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge

7 Habits Coloring Booklet FREEBIE- Savvy School Counselor

Savvy School Counselor

Spirit Monkey Catalog- Spirit Sticks for the 7 Habits

Spirit Monkey Catalog

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