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8-10" - Doll Sizes for Sewing Clothes & Patterns

The 9" Only Hearts Club is my kids favorite doll line. See Over the years, we've ended up with various stray dolls when we purchase a lot of doll accessories. Often we are after the dolls stuff only. Making and selling clothes for the OHC and other dolls has become a fun way to pay for the OHC doll obsession. The non-OHC dolls aren't played with, and are often resold when I get too many in the box or get tired of making clothes for that body. Pictures are not mine, unless indicated.

Links to several sewing patterns.Only Hearts Club Doll Clothes by swoodsonsays, via Flickr (doll is apprx. blythe sized.)

9" - 9.5" Sunshine Family, Happy Family, Happy Fun Family, Sunshine Fun Family - mattel made hippies! Star Spangled dolls, Mork, Welcome Back Kotter and possibly others shared the same body mold. There's a toddler girl that isn't shown. The red head cousins were never made.

Mattel Sunshine Family I

1. 4" ish Kelly 2. Nikki & Toddler friends 1 yr old - Happy Family from 2004 3. Baby Krissy

4.5" - same body mold was used for Teacher Barbie students, Heart Family twins & friends, Rosebud dolls, TRU Barbie Love-to Read, European release Barbie Li'l Friends.

8" Stacie/Todd & Friends body also used for the "When I Read I Dream" dolls.

8" Timeless Treasures "When I Read I Dream" doll Heidi from 2000. These dolls used the 8" Stacie/Todd body mold w/ a new head mold. 4 dolls in series Fern/Charlotte's Web, Heidi/Heidi, Jo/Little Women, Anne/Anne of Green Gables.

9" vintage Skipper. Her friends Skooter, Tiff, Fluff, Ginger and the boy Rikki shared the same basic body from 1964-1979. Skipper got taller & grew breasts w/ each mold change. 1979 - "Super Teen Skipper" 1988 - "Teen Fun Skipper" age 13-15 1997-2003 "Teen Skipper" age 16ish 2009 - shorter w/ body mold same as high school musical body 2012 - abt 14 years old?

Malibu Skipper Dolls

STAR TEAM STACIE - dolls circa 2005? 9 variations - blond, AA, brunette and possibly a red head. Boxes all seem to have had "Star Team Stacie" on them no matter what the doll inside looked like. Dolls maybe named Stacie (blond), Janet/Alexa (African-American), Whitney/Lila/Miranda (red head), Ranee (seen name, but no clue what this friend of Stacie looks like). Those are the names of "Stacie's friend".

WHAT'S HER FACE / Head 2 Toe / What's Her Look / Fab Faces dolls. Names - Glam/Wild, Hip/Retro (medium complexion), Sweet/Fresh & Cool/Chic (dark complexion). From 2001-2004. Earliest molds did not have molded on panties.

WEE 3 FRIENDS - same doll had different names depending on release year. These dolls are supposed to be 8 years old. Stacie - blond; Lila/Miranda - red head; Janet/Alexa - AA black hair.

Wee 3 Friends - Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

~9.5"-10" dolls - body comparison: What's Her Face, Wee 3 Friends, Star Team Stacie - torsos are all the same. Legs and arms were changed slightly. These 3 doll lines are identical in height to vintage 9" Skipper at the waist and shoulder; their heads & feet are bigger. Skipper is skinnier.