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8-10" - Doll Sizes for Sewing Clothes & Patterns

The 9" Only Hearts Club is my kids favorite doll line. See Over the years, we've ended up with various stray dolls when we purchase a lot of doll accessories. Often we are after the dolls stuff only. Making and selling clothes for the OHC and other dolls has become a fun way to pay for the OHC doll obsession. The non-OHC dolls aren't played with, and are often resold when I get too many in the box or get tired of making clothes for that body. Pictures are not mine, unless indicated.

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8-10" - Doll Sizes for Sewing Clothes & Patterns

  • 24 Pins

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karina grace heart - Google Search

karina grace heart - Google Search

Only Hearts Club Doll Clothes by swoodsonsays, via Flickr

only hearts club doll nightgown - Google Search

Free pattern: Only Hearts Club doll clothes | Sewing |

Links to several sewing patterns.Only Hearts Club Doll Clothes by swoodsonsays, via Flickr (doll is apprx. blythe sized.)

Page not found - Swoodson Says

Free pattern: Only Hearts Club doll clothes · Sewing

Only Hearts Club Joanne Callender

9" - Only Hearts Club Dolls

9" - 9.5" Sunshine Family, Happy Family, Happy Fun Family, Sunshine Fun Family - mattel made hippies! Star Spangled dolls, Mork, Welcome Back Kotter and possibly others shared the same body mold. There's a toddler girl that isn't shown. The red head cousins were never made.

Mattel Sunshine Family I

1. 4" ish Kelly 2. Nikki & Toddler friends 1 yr old - Happy Family from 2004 3. Baby Krissy

4.5" - same body mold was used for Teacher Barbie students, Heart Family twins & friends, Rosebud dolls, TRU Barbie Love-to Read, European release Barbie Li'l Friends.

8" Stacie/Todd & Friends body also used for the "When I Read I Dream" dolls.

8" Timeless Treasures "When I Read I Dream" doll Heidi from 2000. These dolls used the 8" Stacie/Todd body mold w/ a new head mold. 4 dolls in series Fern/Charlotte's Web, Heidi/Heidi, Jo/Little Women, Anne/Anne of Green Gables.

9" vintage Skipper. Her friends Skooter, Tiff, Fluff, Ginger and the boy Rikki shared the same basic body from 1964-1979. Skipper got taller & grew breasts w/ each mold change. 1979 - "Super Teen Skipper" 1988 - "Teen Fun Skipper" age 13-15 1997-2003 "Teen Skipper" age 16ish 2009 - shorter w/ body mold same as high school musical body 2012 - abt 14 years old?

Malibu Skipper Dolls

STAR TEAM STACIE - dolls circa 2005? 9 variations - blond, AA, brunette and possibly a red head. Boxes all seem to have had "Star Team Stacie" on them no matter what the doll inside looked like. Dolls maybe named Stacie (blond), Janet/Alexa (African-American), Whitney/Lila/Miranda (red head), Ranee (seen name, but no clue what this friend of Stacie looks like). Those are the names of "Stacie's friend".

WHAT'S HER FACE / Head 2 Toe / What's Her Look / Fab Faces dolls. Names - Glam/Wild, Hip/Retro (medium complexion), Sweet/Fresh & Cool/Chic (dark complexion). From 2001-2004. Earliest molds did not have molded on panties.

WEE 3 FRIENDS - same doll had different names depending on release year. These dolls are supposed to be 8 years old. Stacie - blond; Lila/Miranda - red head; Janet/Alexa - AA black hair.

Wee 3 Friends - Daisy by Mary Quant & Much more...

~9.5"-10" dolls - body comparison: What's Her Face, Wee 3 Friends, Star Team Stacie - torsos are all the same. Legs and arms were changed slightly. These 3 doll lines are identical in height to vintage 9" Skipper at the waist and shoulder; their heads & feet are bigger. Skipper is skinnier.