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"She knows, lipstick or not, that we are brilliant. I know. This is my truth. The really is no actual destination. There is no "there" in the grand scheme of things. What I really hope to accomplish, more than gaining confidence, is acceptance." // Dyamond in the Rough.: Sexiness: A Work In Progress.

How to Use Imagination to Fall in Love With Yourself.

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Dyamond in the Rough.: Owning the Power of Vulnerability.

Dyamond in the Rough.: Owning the Power of Vulnerability.

We are Diamonds :: A manifesto of Love.

The hearts were speaking to one another. Their words were at that moment, confidential. It was for them to express themselves in the way that they desired, not bound by memory, not bound by an attempt to make their words timeless. I may not remember the words that were spoken, but timelessness resides in the heart's feelings. Always will. Let go, and let the heart speak. Read more: www.dyamondinther...

Dyamond in the Rough.: I love you so much, let me tell you all about it. My Way of Saying Thank You.

And don't just grow up, but grow out. Reach, stretch, burst out, be wild with it!