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Interactive Notebook unit for Solving Linear Systems.

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The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....: Quadratic Who Am I?

M^3 (Making Math Meaningful): Quadratic Headbanz - An fun activity for reviewing quadratic equations

Types of Solutions to Quadratic Equations, with graphs showing double root, two real roots, and two complex roots.

a site dedicated to high school math teachers...

Fly or Drive: systems of linear equations

I use this activity in my Algebra 1 class at the end of the year to compare basic properties of the three types of functions covered throughout the...

Algebra Solving One and Two Step Equations Mazes FREE

Independent variables vs Dependent variables: Find pairs that match in order to complete this sentence: "______ depends on _______"

This is a common core type thinking activity designed to get your student to understand that points are solutions. Students will be working cooper...

Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Walk-around Activity product from CarynLovesMath on

Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing Walk-around Activity |

Bundle of 14 Algebra Task Card Sets. Sets include: order of operations, exponents, identifying ordered pairs, adding, subtracting, multiplying polynomials, solving equations (1-step, 2-setp & multi-step) & more!!

This lab is designed to give students a hands-on introduction to exponential growth and decay functions and their graphs....

Lesson 2 Properties of Exponential Functions Foldable, SmartBoard Lesson and answer key

How earthquakes are related to exponential functions

Common Core Standards: F.IF.7e and F.LE.2 This algebra activity focuses on exponential functions. This game requires students to represent exponential functions numerically, algebraically, graphically, and verbally. $priced

Introducing Exponential Functions - ThingLink

Zombie Math: Exponential Functions

Exponential Functions - Common Core. Great lessons and unit plan.