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» iphonography «

Stuff shot and rendered using only my iPhone. For more images, check out my instagram feed:

Make sure you get to the Utica Zoo soon! They have new lion cubs & a sea lion pup that were born earlier this summer ~ hope they're viewable soon! This was a red-tailed hawk #utica #zoo

Fun duct tape that I spotted while school supply shopping last weekend … #supermario

A rainy day at the zoo had its benefits.

#Winning ~ U12 victors from indoor soccer second session

Fun with the #tinyplanet app… just ordinary acrylic paints otherwise!

  • iZZi Gadgets

    This app looks so cool, will definitely try it out. Great photo!

I fell down the bottom tier of these stairs once. Five stitches in my knee cap…

Pretty blue blooms ~ I love these flowers every spring!

Today's doodle… top #star

St. Patrick's Parade Preps #utica