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Heh - #firefly/meme tee…

Firefly Keep Calm Girls T-Shirt | Hot Topic

The inner kid in me wants this… or the Stitch version. Disney 3D 3 Eyes Toy Story Alien Movable Eye Hard Case Protector Shield Cover Iphone 4/4S Gift -Blue

Would love to try these, sadly the effort would only excite the lone fan in the house… me. #LOL Gotta love #starwars Star Wars Snowflake Templates. Print them out and create a Star Wars winter wonderland!

So cute: "Adventure Clock" SHIRT for $15. Again, too bad I don't wear t-shirts. Get to if you do!

This one too, I love it (if I wore tee shirts) ~ "The Formula For Success"

OMG, if I wore t-shirts, I'd definitely get this: "The One Shirt" $15 @!

AWWWEEE·SOME!!! Inspire creativity with this LEGO wall. #Lego #FLL

OMG - Coffee Joulies are being promoted by @Martha Stewart - AWESOME!! These were invented/developed, I believe, by some (fairly) local guys! #socool #coffeejoulies #marthastewart #waytogo #Martha toutes: These beans will cool down your hot coffee to an acceptable 140° Fahrenheit and then hold it around that temperature for as long as five hours.

Cool digital frame proportioned for #Instagram pics ~ love it!! InstaCube Displays Instagram Pics on Your Nightstand

Had to contribute this edition of the ongoing #meme … for my girlzz! #pokemon

Wooohooo - I was asked if one of my Instagram pics could be used on this local promotional event page. Heck yeah!

Well, there ya go: Keep Calmz and Nyan On (Meme) ~ via Etsy

Hahahaha - love it! levelupstudios-lolcomics-nyanhoodie-back-750.jpg (750×750)

Hahahahahaa!! Don't let my kids see this: Nyan Cat Scarf

Oh my GLOB! We totally need this: Upgrade a Wall Outlet to USB Functionality …available at Lowes or Home Depot for $15.

Call from the boss // Star Wars … Excellent it is, no?

The Hobbit // One of the coolest posters at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Peter Jackson posted this image of the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel to his Facebook page.

This. Is. COOL! Blue Shift 20" Reversible Cruiser | via

The new Macbook Pro » Find out all about it

[NY, NY] Rarity: A view of the Sun as the planet Venus passes in between the Sun and the Earth in New York, New York, USA, 05 June 2012

Dramatic: This image provided by NASA shows the Solar Dynamic Observatory's ultra-high definition view of Venus on it's transit, an event which will not occur for another 105 years

OHH EMM **SQUEE**!! So totally want one!! I certainly hope this is no joke... ::want!:: » instagram-socialmatic-camera-4

cell phone number bracelet, when traveling with little ones (airports, large amusement parks, etc.) Also good for little ones learning phone number.