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I need a poster of this on my wall

Twitter / SPN_updates: Yes YOU!!!

The show and my best friend has turned me into a car person, but turn about is fair play cause I made her a SPN fan^.^

They think Im a car person now

Producers of Supernatural, please put it in the new episode.

When you're watching SPN, and people walk by looking at you weird when they overhear the show being the show...

supernatural -

Alright, this one's for all you Jensen girls...

Not related to the show, but this is cute... Jensen's just cute.

Wow. I'm wiping away the tears on this one! "And I will try to fix you". people don't even understand how much this show means to the fans.


Hahah. Not photoshopped! This is Supernatural.

Misha...naked on a horse.

Dean & Castiel - Through The Ghost - omg this video. crying forever.

I love the episodes they have to work with kids, it's always hilarious!