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First Grade Rules!

Common Core Homework for Third Grade includes 120 worksheets that you can use throughout the school year to practice their skills according to the Common Core State Standards for the third grade. $

Common Core Homework for Third Grade

Make in powerpoint using Wordart. The font is grobold. Put one per page and blow them up to take up the whole page. Use the wordart that is outline only so it will be blank in the middle. Once you have the name typed and on the page, you can format (or it might say edit) the wordart....that's where you can make the outline thicker.

4th Grade Frolics: Monday Made It #12

math about me page - great for beginning of the year.... Willow' s class did this a few days ago when she was out sick, now she can do it too!


Applelicious Giveaway - Three winners of my Apples Life Cycle and Activities unit. Lots activities, PowerPoint and games.. A GIVEAWAY promotion for Apples: Apple Life Cycle - PowerPoint and Activities from Sweet Integrations on (ends on 9-14-2014)

Gearing Up for Guided Reading. FREEBIE Guided Reading Binder to help keep you organized! I use velcro tags for my students names so that I can easily move them from group to group when needed. A couple of October Freebies also in this post!

Watch a one minute video tutorial on Printing with Post Its. It was inspired by a Studio DIY blogger who used Post Its to display a Happy Anniversary message on a wall in her home to make the day a little more special. Applications for the classroom are endless!

Top 25 chapter book series for 1st-3rd grade with printable list! #books #reading #homeschooling

Top 25 Chapter Book Series Book Recommendations 1st-3rd Grade

All about summer sheet that could be a brainstorming activity for writing (first week of school)

The Green Grass Grew All Around


FREE Parent Contact Log and Positive Post Cards Set

Books for Comprehension Strategies! This website is a gold mine!!!!

Reading Mentor Texts

Do you need more Common Core math practice for your students in first grade? Happy New Year: First Grade Math, Daily Common Core Math Practice is what you need!

Happy New Year! Daily Common Core Math Practice First Grade

Rosa Parks {Timeline} for Kindergarten and First Grade Social Studies. Black History Month or Martin Luther King, Jr. Studies. $

Place Value and Number Resources in Laura Candler's File Cabinet

Laura Candler's Whole Numbers File Cabinet

April First Grade Morning Work + hints pages


The latest chapter books for 6 to 12 year olds.

The Latest Chapter Books for Kids Ages 6 to 12 - Imagination Soup

Give the kids place value blocks to make their name... have them calculate the value of their name. I am so doing this in our math journals this week! - Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: More Mudge and Place Value!

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: More Mudge and Place Value!