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The Mamba could have loved attending Diesel's retirement ceremony, but he was just too busy sealing this game.

The missing piece has been found, and hopefully he will not run away from it again. #D12

Kobe Bryant transcending the limitations set by time when the team needs it. #CountOnKobe

"I'll kick everybody's ass in this locker room if it doesn't happen," Bryant said after a 113-103 loss to the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. Yes, the 6-10 Orlando Magic. "It's the attitude you have to have. Metta is the same way. Dwight has it in him as well. Even though he smiles a lot, he cares a lot about this. Come hell or high water, this has to get done."

On crutches, Mike D'Antoni takes over the Lakers.

The Superman has landed in L.A. and is set to help out the demi-god of basketball!

"I wouldn't want to play for anyone else, I wouldn't want to play for any other city." -Kevin Durant. Ya heard that, "2012 Finals MVP"?

Magic and Bird. Michael and Malone. Kobe and Kidd. After the NBA Finals, it'll be Lebron and Durant who will lead the USA Basketball team to the gold.

USA Basketball: 2008 USA Basketball Men's Olympic Team Roster

"Five championships. It's not very difficult to win games." Now, Kobe has to prove it against the OKC Thunder.

Pau Gasol woke up, Steve Blake had a hot hand, Metta World Peace returned big, and Kobe set up plays to answer the call to face the Thunder in the second round. #Lakers

"The reality is both of those guys [Bynum and Gasol] have to play better in order for us to win. We're going to have a tough time winning if we get the same type of production."

Hoping that Rajon Rondo will down the #Heat once and for all, before curtains close for their Big Three.

#Lakers head home with one more game to win before facing the Thunder. But wait, how about #MettaWorldPeace ?

MWP (wearing and RP shirt!): "I'm on the bench... Pass to Kobe."

Lower Merion # 33: Kobe Bean Bryant. #blackmamba