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Making the Move What do we need on a boat? What do we get rid of? What do we keep? Will it fit on a boat? Read our post on packing up our house, driving across the country to move onto a boat and sail to far off places :) We are going to go Where The Coconuts Grow!!! www.wherethecocon... liveaboard blog, sailing, young couple, dogs on a boat, sailboat, Whitby 42, packing, organizing, life on a boat, simple living, livin the dream, cruising

A liveaboard writes about her experience in downsizing and moving onto a sailboat. We've just started downsizing to move on our sailboat so this book should be a good read for me!

Windtraveler: 180 (Degrees) South

Kalamazoo? - Londinium Films (2006). The story of three girlfriends who go back to Kalamazoo, Michigan for their 10 year high school reunion.

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