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Map chair I love it!

Map of Viking raids on Irish monasteries from 795-853

Maps, maps, maps

Sunday faves // maps - PS by Dila

This map shows the historical channels of the Willamette River (OR). From the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (not sure of the last word)


Repurposing Maps | Salvaged Grace

2014 daily calendar created by by the art director Zeynep Orbay eflects the spirit of Land Rover by creating a 3D version of topographic maps

Land Rover Topographic Calendar 2

The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

Graphic: Around the world

Graphic: Around the world - The Boston Globe

deviantART: More Like In the middle of this all by hogret

Claire Brewster is a London-based artist which makes maps under the shape of flying birds, on trees’ branches in the middle of bees which forage

A Map Laser Cut in Birds Paper Art

by Caitlin Ryan

Lensblr: caity-c by Caitlin Ryan  (

Unseen Civil Rights Photos May 1963, Children's Marchers pushed back by fire hoses. During the Birmingham campaign of 1963, City Commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor jailed hundreds of protesters and authorized the use of fire hoses and police dogs on others. This image was one of many published in the mass media that raised a public outcry to end civil rights abuses in the South. Photo credit: The Birmingham News

Pre-Colombian trade routes in Western North America

Pre-Colombian trade routes in Western North... - Maps on the Web

Vintage World Map Wallpaper from Bouf by robynselston

Vintage World Map Wallpaper - $175