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This bone in rib eye steak is on the bbq and all mine Mad for Roast Beef! Most definitely One of our preferences.

Roast beef rolls with tangy ghurkin and cocktail tomatoes Fancy Roast Beef! Most definitely Among our number ones.

Roast Beef, cooked for 7 hours at 55°C in my Poorman's Roner. Looks horrible and the feel isn't nice either, it feels rubbery. I suddenly realize I should have checked the temperature after I took it out of the vacuumpack. Just for the records... Fancy Roast Beef! Certainly One of our favorites.

My crockpot roast beef cooked with onion and mashed potatoes and peas for dinner tonight. This is probably my all-time favorite meal! Appreciate Roast Beef! Certainly Amongst our number ones.

roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato, horseradish mayo on some delicious bread and grilled to perfection. yum yum yum. I haven't had a sandwich in a long time! Adore Roast Beef! Absolutely Among our favorites.

Roast beef wrap with horseradish sauce, grapes and watermelon, carrots and peppers with jicama butterflies and ranch dip Love Roast Beef! Undoubtedly One of our picks.

Roast Beef Sandwich Adore Roast Beef! Certainly One of our favorites.

A roast rib eye steak with poached pears and whole shallots. A floral and intense red wind sauce made from Pinor to accompany it. Read more here - Appreciate Roast Beef! Most definitely One of our preferences.

Roast beef, with baby carrots and yukon gold potatoes. The roast had been in the oven for about 3 hours when I added the vegetables. Color corrected in Photoshop. Yes, I know this picture isn't the best in the world, and looks like it should be in t Prefer Roast Beef! Certainly Among our picks.

My husband cooked Sunday Lunch today, and what a very delicious meal it was! Even though the meat came from a high street supermarket and not the local butchers, it was tender and tasty. All my favourite vegetables and wonderful Roast Potatoes! 10/10 Fancy Roast Beef! Certainly Among our picks.

Roast beef, sharp provolone and broccoli rabe. A fine sandwich indeed, though in my opinion the pork was better. Fancy Roast Beef! Definitely Amongst our preferences.

Roast beef with horseradish aioli on baguette Appreciate Roast Beef! Certainly Amongst our favorites.

Roast Beef sandwich display at an event I photographed in the Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC. Catering by Something Classic Catering. Long for Roast Beef! Undoubtedly Among our preferences.

Roast beef meal from Dayrit's along Buendia. They have relocated somewhere now. Fancy Roast Beef! Absolutely One of our picks.

Ajvar is addictive stuff and I use it on pretty much all of my sandwiches as well as on roast or baked meats and french fries. Ingredients: roasted red peppers, roasted eggplant, salt, vinegar, sunflower oil, spices. Sometimes you can find ajvar wi Have affection for Roast Beef! Certainly One of our picks.

Today's lunch. Normally I bring my lunch but I wasn't that organized today. We have - Lay's Light chips (75 calories), a roast beef and fontina sandwich (75 million calories), and a diet sprite. This was the sammy of the day in our cafeteria. Mad for Roast Beef! Most definitely Amongst our preferences.

My cat Trying to grab the piece of roast beef out of my hand R.I.P 1/26/07 1986-2007 Love Roast Beef! Absolutely Among our number ones.

Christmas Dinner at my in-laws. They have a restaurant in Clearwater called LaCachette, but this was just us four, my hubby, me, and Beulah and Martin. My father-in-law is a most talented chef. He used to have a cooking show back in the day, way befo Love Roast Beef! Undoubtedly Amongst our preferences.

Roast beef, muenster, and horseradish on a butter croissant surrounded by red and yellow grape tomatoes (and one ranier cherry that I couldn't fit in my lunch). On the side are carrots and ranch dressing, kiwi and pluots with a fork pick, and two min Adore Roast Beef! Most definitely Among our preferences.

Slices of roast beef, arugula, and caremlized red onions sandwiched between French baguette slathered with garlic aioli. The sandwich came with a side of dipping "jus" and a hearty helping of the "Roommade" fries. ($10) Notes: I didn't get to taste Adore Roast Beef! Certainly Among our number ones.