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This is the holy grail for coconut oil uses! What a great list. A must read for anyone interested in living healthy and DIY. #coconutoil

107 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil

Real Estate is Local and Every Area is slightly different, but this is a great general explaining your closing costs! When Buying or Selling a Real Estate Agent should be able to provide the Seller with an Estimated Net Proceeds Sheet and Buyer with an Estimated Buyer's Closing Cost/Expenses Estimate! Ask For IT! Know what to Expect!

Closing Costs Infographic | Real Estate Modern FSBO

All you do is pour a few teaspoons of plain ol’ rubbing alcohol over the cracked make-up. Stir and break up the chunks until all the makeup is dissolved. Set out on a flat surface overnight. The alcohol dries up and you’re left with perfect and fresh makeup!

How to fix broken makeup by Homemaker Chic — BonBon Break

Dishfunctional Designs: What We Do For Others Remains Immortal

Dishfunctional Designs: What We Do For Others Remains Immortal

DIY Tutorial for a Rolling Underbed Wood Storage Cart! The perfect solution for holding toys + stuff. Less than $10 to make compared to $40+ to buy!

How to escape zip ties. Every girl should know this information. Awesome. Re-Pin ladies!!!

how to get paint off hardware naturally! Cook hardware to remove paint 1 of 1Hot water paint stripping Soak painted hardware in hot water to loosen many layers of paint and make cleaning much easier. If you want to strip paint from metal without the nasty fumes and mess of chemical strippers, just fill a slow cooker with water and set the dial to high. The heat and moisture will soften the paint, and often it will fall off as a single piece. This works on oil, latex and spray paints,...