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The Crounut: Part doughnut, part croissant. Try one if you can. It takes three days to create a cronut from start to finish. These pastries are nearly impossible to get your hands on!

Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce - Chefs are beginning to age their hot sauces in old whisky barrels. Look for aged hot sauces that will contain oaky and smoky tones.

Cauliflower - the vegetable of the year. Kale will be taking a step down to make room for new vegetable inspired dishes. This year cauliflower will be deep-fried, dipped in chocolate, and even served as your main entree.

Sumac: Keep an eye out for this spice. It is a vibrant purple colour and has a lemon-like taste. Its very popular in Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Duck Eggs - Chefs are moving away from cooking the traditional chicken egg and instead filling their kitchens with the larger and tastier duck egg.

White Strawberries - Make sure to watch out for them in many of the summer desserts

The World on a Plate - Prepare to experience tastes from Asia, Europe, American and Africa in one dish.

Pickling - house-made vegetable and fruit pickles will appear on more and more menus

Breakfast foods will be served around the clock! Buttermilk chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup blueberries and strawberries -

Peruvian Food is on the list of Food Trends of 2012. Experience Ceviche, citrus cured fish.

Top ten food trends for 2012 - Telegraph

2012 is the Year of the Potato! Look out for french fry menus that let you choose the cut, crispness, and sauce, with dusts and dips to order.

Fennel Pollen - Named by Forbes as a top 10 food trend it is praised for its intense and sweet, bright flavour.

Round Finger Foods - Including Kimchee & Parmesan-filled Arancini, spherical falafel, & meat balls of all kinds are sure to be popular.

Top 10 Restaurant Trends for 2012 - Nutrition Unplugged

Comfort foods with a Twist (gourmet, ethnic, artisan, wood-fired) like Mac & Cheese with fontina, dry jack fonduta and shaved black truffle topped with onion rings

Natural Selections - Expect to see infusions of pine needles, Douglas fir & eucalyptus to flavour sauces, rubs, meats, jus & broths.

Street Food. Serving up meals such as kimchee quesadillas and Korean barbecue tacos.

Macarons - proved to be a crowd favorite in 2011, they are sure to stay in 2012!

Marshmallows! Be sure to look for them in many different flavours including salted caramel, strawberry basil, cinnamon, & chocolate rosemary.

Have you tried a Pleurry yet? A combination of a plum and a cherry is sure to be delicious!