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Inspiration and results from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom! Check out more at

Organize the Post-It note exit tickets. a Class*y Collaboration: The 5 W's of Exit Tickets

a Class*y Collaboration: The 5 W's of Exit Tickets

I love this idea! This is such a great idea to get students to self assess, and to let teachers know where students are as far as understanding the material.

Education to the Core: Test-Taking Strategies Anchor Chart! Especially good right before tcap

Interesting way to have students self evaluate themselves with exit tickets

Events in Instruction- 1-9-posters for each step

A Pinner writes: Instant Data - As we went over each question, I had students color in the square if they had that question wrong.  Once we were done with the test, I took each strip and taped them to a manilla folder. INSTANT data!!! I did not have to plug numbers into a computer. I can clearly see that question 9 is one I really need to go over.

Here's my Check For Understanding Stoplight.

self evaluation forms

There is an envelope laminated for each assignment due. I started with ten. I can just write the activity on the envelope and the kids go there to turn it in. Then they check off their name on the back. So I know exactly who didn't turn it in. It also makes things so much easier to grade!

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Self Evaluation + Exit Ticket - what a great idea!

A great idea for student self evaluations!

A Taxonomy of Reflection: Project completion!

A Teachers Wonderland: student self-evaluations- This is awesome! Marzano scale???

A Teachers Wonderland: Evaluations

Great idea for summative assessment in this blog post!! Runde's Room: Question Fans - Updated!

Ideas that stick each day.

exit ticket on a sticky note and stick it on the door on the way out for a quick assessment of understanding.

Reader's Notebook self-assessment.

thinking based on Marzano's six levels of understanding

display goals