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Reverse Trikes

My board dedicated to the Can-Am Spyder and other reverse trikes

Peugeot, Concept Car, LiiON

Peugeot leaning three wheeler concept //

Future, car, future car one door .. then the compacity..

One Seater Future Car | Impact Lab

P.I.E.T Plug In Electric Tricycle

speed zombie... possibly the most beautiful thing i've ever seen

Eco-Friendly Australian Concept

Elio Motors highlights its $7,000, 84-mpg 3-wheeled car

Steampunk Tendencies | Steampunk Trike by Igor Jarovenko New Group : Come to share, promote your art, your event, meet new people, crafters, artists, performers...

Сделано в Киргизии

Three wheels ATV Quad Bike

Shadowrun Schattenkatalog Trike Concept by *raben-aas on deviantART

Concept reverse trike where driver sits inside the axis of the third wheel.

Citroen E-3POD Antistatic | Concept Cars

Alien Apple Studios via

Alien Apple Studios

Peugeot 3GEO Three Wheel Enclosed Scooter This compact enclosed three wheeler concept is built primarily from lightweight but sturdy materials like carbon fiber and fiber glass to keep weight down and fuel efficiency up. The 3GEO is a hybrid, relying on a combination of battery power and a conventional natural gas or biodiesel engine.

Equestrian Inspired Trike The Saddle concept vehicle merges futuristic styling, modern power technology, & equestrian influence into a go-anywhere electric three wheeler designed to tackle the roughest terrain.

TrailTrike concept 1

TrailTrike concept | wordlessTech

Daboor Jet Ski By Hussien Al Jammazi

The Folding Electric Vehicle by Yanko Designs. As a green alternative, it’s compact and smart, plus it occupies little space. How much? Where can we get one? Or, is Yanko Designs just yanking our chains??