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Sometimes we come across items that make so much sense that they should really be a part of the original product and not some add on gadget. Like the Silicone Oven Rack Guard. It’s simply a pair of silicone guards that line the outer edge of your oven racks and allow you to pull the oven racks out with your bare hands. No need for pot holders, oven mitts, or towels, the silicone stays cool up to 450 degrees. They cost less than $10 for a set of two. Genius!!

Christmas berries from the craft store on a wood letter. These could be fun/easy to make

Another Annie Sloan chalk paint tutorial ---

How to clean a microfiber couch...I'm sure this will come in handy very soon!

So much better than a towel bar or that big silver towel ring hanging on the wall. :)

Helping your child develop a daily prayer life is one of the greatest gifts a mom can give. Teaching your child how to lay down their worries, seek wisdom, and enjoy the presence of a loving God is a treasure! Here are some prayers every kid can pray that may help you get started

Puts Feb. 14th in a different perspective, doesn't it?