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LOL, Effy and Pandora at Skins UK, Go To to get more Gossip News!

UK Skins | Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Parties, Problems. Name it all. Deep inside you, you want to be those kids. Unleash your wild side while watching this show. LMAO.

Chris, Skins UK. Best example of "the good die young" ever :,(

"I didnt eat for three days just so i could be lovely.." -Cassie (Skins UK)

Skins UK: Cook new skins old characters. This month cannot wait.

Skins effy & freddie. I loved this episode :)

"When I’m not working, I am the laziest person. I can literally lie on a couch and watch television for 15 hours. I hate people who say, “Oh, I’m addicted to working out.” I just want to punch those people in the face." -Jennifer Lawrence

emma watson: I wish I could cut my hair that short and still rock it

#onedireciton 10 000 followers by the end of the week?