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Distributive Property Combo Meal Activity I don't want to buy it but I like the idea.

Teaching the distributive property using combo meals.

Distributive Property | Dave May Teaches

Angry Birds used in a math art center to illustrate the distributive property of multiplication over addition.

I've got a foldable for that!: Math Important Book

Great center activity using fractions on a number line. It can be adapted for 3rd or 4th grade.

FRACTION VIDEO~ Easy mini-lesson for teaching fractions on a number line. Well done! (approx. 6:38 min.)

PowerPoint Game Templates

Geometric Attribute War; Attributes of 3-D Figures. - War game with Figure Cards, Battle Cards, and Math Talk cards which are great for generating mathematical conversations and building in accountability to your workstations - Teacher notes - Student instructions for War game - Student reference sheet showing how to count edges, vertices, and faces - Printable practice sheet for identifying geometric attributes - 10 question quiz on identifying attributes $

Divide fractions by whole numbers using models - 6.NS.1

Free! Creating a witches brew recipe using fractions. Students work on multiplying and dividing fractions to create new recipes! Fun for Halloween.

Flocabulary - Dividing Fractions song: Keep, Change, Flip

Here's a great anchor chart on dividing fractions.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Anchor Charts

Math Helper - 2 Sided Card...make something like this for Deb or OS?

2 + 1 Math Rocks! The Decimal Song

Telling Time, Reading Clock Hands - Different way of teaching elapsed time (besides a timeline)!

area + perimeter door @Jill Meyers Meyers Meyers Meyers Beer

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Everyday Arrays Multiplication Hunt

I've got a foldable for that!: Math Important Book

Different perspectives on how to set up Interactive Notebooks in the math class.

Educational Gross Motor Activities - Children learn best and more importantly retain what they've learned when it is combined with movement. Here is a list of 35 awesome ideas for combining gross motor activities with learning. Most of the ideas are geared towards toddlers through age six, but many of the games could be adapted to what your child is learning.