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"Casting our ballots for Barack in 2008 was such a special moment for our family. The girls were so proud of their dad." –mo #kidsvote

Repin if this sounds like what you want for your kids.

Say you stand with the candidate who trusts women to make our own health care decisions: OFA.BO/cmAHWs

Al Franken - Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

Repin if you’re on Team 21st Century

Freedom of Speech, not Freedom from the Consequences of that Speech - Chick-Fil-A Anti Gay

Tigger and Sugar (or, Ewoks for Obama)

It’s been up at Obama 2012 HQ for awhile, but it’s an especially fitting highlight today

A young White House guest wanted to see if the President’s hair felt like his

The economy has added more than 4 million private-sector jobs over the last 25 months

He seems to know what he’s doing

Judy’s breast cancer wouldn’t have been caught early without the Affordable Care Act

"If you vote for a republican, and you have a vagina, you are a moron."