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Operation: Run

My short term goal: Participate in Relay for Life. My long term goal: To RUN in a race that supports Colon Cancer Awareness.

Guide to Eating Healthy for Cheap. Tips/Shopping List/Day-to-Day Menus to spend just $36/week!

Water is the best drink

Just because I want to be healthier, doesn't mean I am going to hate who I am now. LOVE me some me!

I feel on top of the world after I work up a sweat!

12 weeks.

  • Danielle Gooden

    not long at all = ) you can do it sistercousin! and by you I mean we.. bc as soon as I pop out this baby, workouts here I come!

  • Deniece Davis

    12 weeks is just 3 months. My last workout craze lasted about 2 months... Hopefull this next one will last FOREVER!