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Athabascan Beadwork

Traditional beadwork of Athabascan Indians from Alaska and Canada. I am part Athabascan and learned to bead from my mom, who also does beadwork.

Purse with beaded moosehide sewn on. Beadwork by Olivia Agnes of Nulato, Alaska.

Moosehide ID/Card Holder Rose

Beaded ring pillow on moosehide made by Liisia Carlo Edwardsen

Athabascan beadwork by Brenda Mahan from Galena, Alaska-work in progress on moose hide, 1/7/14

Happy Sunday Everyone. Sharing a photo of bead work done by my Aunt. Beautiful!

Gwich'in (Kutchin), Yukon River, Alaska. Mittens. 1907-1913. Moose hind/skin, wool cloth, beaver skin/fur, glass beads, metal beads, wool yarn, sinew.. sew, overlay beadwork, edge beaded braided

Alaskan Indian Beaded Wall Pocket Hide ATHABASCAN RARE Victorian Native American | eBay

Alaskan Eskimo Native ATHABASCAN Native Beaded Butterfly Wall Hanger | eBay

Beaded flower headband

Beaded Baby Belt, Gwich'in Native Art - 665nm IR, B&W by Mikofox, via Flickr

Everyday items were esthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Athabaskan Moccasins by Yellowknives Dene First Nations artist Nathalie Waldman.

Cover, Checkbook :: University of Alaska Museum of the North by Mary Jane Derendoff

Dene baby bag; Gwich'in, early 20th century; velvet, glass beads, silk ribbon, thong, cotton lining.

small scissor case by Madeline Krol, Athabascan from Galena, AK

Beadwork at the Anchorage airport, best picture I could get with the glare of the glass. Still lovely gloves :)

Athabascan beadwork at ANMC in Anchorage 11/2013