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How to put together a 3-bin composting system powered by chickens. Great instructions for building a composter, even if you don't include chickens.

Add Compost & Chickens

A different twist on raised beds and strawbale gardening.

Timeline Photos - The Homesteading Boards | Facebook

Backyard sustainability, greenhouse and chicken coop for year round use.

Walnut Guild

Plant Guilds Midwest Permaculture

Give Your Landscape A Sustainable, Permaculture Makeover

Permaculture Guild Design

Forest Garden Guilds

Fruit tree guild: plant in such a way that nature does the maintenance work for you.

London's Carolinian Food Forest

Creating Sustainable human habitats Permaculture principles

Permaculture Design Process. We're hoping to incorporate permaculture into the farm.

Make an insect hotel, from the article Insect Hotels - Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden from

Insect Hotels - Encourage Beneficial Insects Into Your Garden

Here's a "grow-your-own fence" - the pollarded willows not only supply the withes, they're also the fence posts, not to mention that their roots also keep the banking in place from erosion.

A Permaculture Design Course Handbook | An Online Reader for the Permaculture Community

The Permaculture Tree, the elements of design. Roots are in many disciplines, an abstract world. Products lie in the real world. The germination of an idea translates in formation into product. (The five elements; wood, fire (light), earth, air and water are organised by a tree, as information is organized by ideas) Source: Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison

Working With Not Against Natural Forces - an original permaculture principle

Beginning Farmer’s Guide to Self-Sufficiency Before starting on your adventure to becoming a self-sufficient farmer, take a deep breath and...