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Green Energy Futures

People everywhere are interested in cleaner, greener more sustainable forms of energy. This board is dedicated to sharing people's ideas, projects, photos and stories. See our stories at

Net Zero 101. The Millcreek net-zero home features solar awnings and good passive solar design making it easy to get to net zero. Blog-Vidoe-Podcast.

Net-zero 101: A home that gives as much energy as it receives

Beautiful narrow-lot infill housing reduces your energy footprint (and costs) and rejuvenates mature neighbourhoods!

Chasing Net-Zero Through Location and Innovation

The incredible rise of Net Zero homes has the potential to change the energy profile of housing everywhere. Pretty amazing for an idea with a history of less than a decade!

79. Net-zero Beautiful - Sustainability through design and location - see the amazing home of home designer Louis Pereira who built a beautiful family home on a 25-foot lot - close to schools, close to parks and close to work. We also visit the Spo'pi Solar House and Kim Gould one of the more than 100 University of Calgary students who designed and built the 2011 entry in the Solar Decathlon competition in Washington DC.

70. Solar hot water is dead, long live domestic solar hot water by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

68. Starland County: Solar for farmers that pays for itself in 10-13 years by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

67. Harvest Power: Turning greasy, gooey food waste into energy and compost by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

62. Energy Efficiency - how energy efficiency could save Albertans $1.5 billion by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

VIDEO - the electric bike is so cool, it just might be the most efficient form of urban transportation on the planet, aside from the pedal bike of course! E59: The time has come for the electric bike - YouTube

58. The upside of banning inefficient incandescent light bulbs in Canada by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

55. Green Energy Futures Gift Guide Part II by greenenergyfutures on SoundCloud

Get rich and save the world – A look at cleantech entrepreneurship and the MaRS Cleantech practice and fund. Tom Rand offers the four key ingredients for a successful clean tech venture that just might tap the emerging $3-4 trillion clean tech market!

What if solar modules were twice as efficient and even lower cost than they already are? Morgan Solar a ray of sunshine for the solar energy business.

Energy storage is the Holy Grail of clean energy. This Community Energy Storage system was installed by eCAMION in North York, Ontario. Energy storage could help us use 20 - 50% and even more clean renewable energy on the grid.

Energy storage, the holy grail of clean energy! The key to greening the grid past 20% is energy storage, what technology will capture this $10.4 billion emerging market? Check out our story!

BLOG–Bullfrog Power: Building a renewable energy ecosystem in Canada one project at a time. Bullfrog Power has signed up 8,000 individual Canadians and 1,500 businesses for green energy, but what do they do? The inside story...

Here I am taking in the largest solar PV system in western Canada on top of the future Environment Canada building in Edmonton with Shafraaz Kaba, architect with Manasc Isaac. The 150 kW solar array consists of about 600 modules that will produce electricity at an estimated price of about 11 cents per kWh! Astonishing if this works out! — with Shafraaz Kaba

It all started as rocket stoves, very fuel efficient little cooking stoves that help reduce pollution in the third world and make much more efficient use of wood fuel in places where deforestation is a serious issue. What started as an idea to help making cooking a safer, more healthy exercise in the third world has taken on a new life as permaculture advocates have adapted the rocket stove into the rocket mass heater in North America. www.greenenergyfu...