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Love the textures in these plantings with the Acacia stenophylla. From Stephen Orr's new book via Flora Grubb

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Mexican Feather Grass Soften the Path

Mexican Feather Grass Soften the Path | Gardens Click

Agave 'Blue Glow' l Dirt Du Jour

. This medley includes the bananas Musa ‘Siam Ruby’ and Ensete ventricosum ‘Maurelii,’ Brugmansia ‘Charles Grimaldi,’ and Echium candicans ‘Select Blue.’ The orange-leaf plant is Solenostemon scutellarioides, and the bromeliad in front of the ensete is Vriesea ospinae var. gruberi.

Lessons from Chanticleer | Garden Design

Dryopteris koidzumiana Most striking fern whose young fronds are intensely brick red aging eventually to russet green. Erect rhizome with upright fronds have 8-10 pair of pinnae. Plant in light sun to dappled shade well drained, moist soil. Zones 7b to 10. Height: appx. 24”. Evergreen.

Golden Globe Arborvitae Evergreen Shrub 2-3' t w Part shade to full sun, Fast growing Zone 3-7.

Arborvitae - Golden Globe

Hebe Autumn Glory, shrub, sun-part shade, 2'x2', dark evergreen foilage with burgundy stems, purple flower spikes in May/Sept

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Ajuga incisa 'Frosted Jade'

Photo #17983 | Ajuga incisa 'Frosted Jade'

Epiphyllum oxypetalum

Epiphyllum oxypetalum | Gardens Click

Haworthia viscosa torquata (by flora-file)

my tumblr garden | Haworthia viscosa torquata (by flora-file)

Cotyledon Silver Peak

Iceberg roses and white agapanthus

Bamboo Garden: A site with tips for growing bamboo of different types

Growing and Maintaining Bamboo

Red Creeping Thyme. Grows 3 inches tall max - no mowing . Lemony scent. Gorgeous with lavender. Perennial. Repels mosquitoes. Can grow as entire lawn.

Beds of Nepeta Six Hills Giant, Campanula lactiflora Pritchard's Variety, valerian, Salvia x sylvestris Mainacht, hebe.

In Detail: NSTD-GHOU030

how to re-pot orchids - great photos and step by step guide! @Carly k. Keown

If You Love Somebody

Bergenia and Hakonachloa together, making a "Fine Foliage" mash-up. ;-)