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Hideki Kuwajima, Euphoria 100320, 2010. Sculpture made from found objects www.roentgenwerke...

River of Found Objects. Sculptor is Gabriel Orzoco.

Crafts and activities with corks! (All kinds of stuff for both kids and adults!)

Treasure play box Increase your interactivity with your target audience and increase market share. New to Australia - baby product brand 'Treasures' - a New Zealand-based company quickly positioning themselves to compete with Australia's market leader - Huggies. They have developed a very clever way for their nappy boxes to gain valuable real estate in your home should you be a parent of an 'ankle biter'. Each Treasures Jumbo nappy box has been printed with an all-over-box-covering illustration of a car or castle (Crawler box), pull-along wagon or boat (Toddler box) and a house or oven (Walker box) for you to enjoy hours of fun with your little one - with the Treasures brand staring your in the face as you do so. The instructions to get the most out of your 'box-toy' can be found on their website with suggestions for several embellishments to raise your new creation from 'box' to 'treasured keepsake' and after you've spent so much time embellishing it - you definitely won't throw it away. How could other everyday brands and businesses do something like this? Print something on the packaging (inside or outside) that is sent out to your customers or prospects like envelopes, newsletters, direct marketing, boxes. Even something as simple as an origami sculpture or paper plane instructions. Print up a to-do list pad or post-it notes (like our Creative Grease one) and give it to your clients or prospects A magnet with a tip or motivational passage and your contact details Get your target market interacting with your brand and you will be more likely to get their next purchase. Seen any great examples lately? Share them with us here.

relief paper sculpture

How to make horns by MonkeyNumber5 on deviantART

Baby wipe containers for treasure chests. What a great idea!

Newspaper Tree Art Project: Fun For Kids!

This amazing mobile is made from straws and wire.

50+ Things to Make from Toilet Paper rolls~ There are some cool ideas here!