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SEO and Parallax Scrolling

This board shows examples of how SEO and Parallax Scrolling can be accomplished together. Published on MOZ - Example Website Here

Should SEO be part of every web design project?

Is SEO Part of the Web Design Process? - MonsterPost

Client - Web Designer - SEO Cartoon showing a typical problem in industry

Is SEO Part of the Web Design Process? - MonsterPost

Parallax Scrolling is a design technique that is NOT restricted to one page web design

Creative Bloq defines parallax scrolling as a design technique but does not say it is limited to one page web design.

Parallax scrolling definition

Definition - Parallax Scrolling does not have to be limited to one page.

SEO Optimization for Parallax Scrolling websites with Single Page Architectures. Remember Parallax scrolling is not restricted to one page!

SEO optimization for Parallax Scrolling Websites

This is a typical one page parallax scrolling website that is not optimized for search engines

Onsite optimization on a SEO parallax webpage

Local SEO onsite optimization with parallax scrolling

Multipage Parallax Scrolling website with SEO (onsite optimization) and responsive web design The website also has horizontal parallax scrolling

How to Create a Parallax Scrolling Website with SEO | A Tutorial

Onsite Optimization and Parallax Scrolling for search engine purposes

Example of how to design a parallax scrolling webpage with content for SEO purposes

Web designers need to embrace designing for search engines if they want to get to the humans.