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Single data list: The single data list is a list of all the datasets that local government must submit to central government.

Single data list - Publications - GOV.UK

GED VIZ: a visualization and presentation tool for international dependencies

Elastic lists allow to navigate large, multi-dimensional info spaces with just a few clicks, never letting you run into situations with zero results. They enhance traditional UI approaches for facet browsers by visualizing weight proportions, animated transitions, emphasis of characteristic values and sparkline visualizations. by Moritz Stefaner

Several Takes on Defining Data Journalism

Connect the data: Framing a data mining problem: the training set

A Very Short History Of Data Science by Gil Press

Geography of Hate twitter map by Humboldt State University in California

Drawing Dynamic Visualizations by Bret Victor. Throughout the history of science, diagrams and graphs have been essential thinking tools. In the past, such visualizations were drawn with pen on paper, and could embrace the directness, freedom, and expressiveness of hand drawing. Most modern visualizations are programmed instead, where a single description can dynamically generate a unique picture for any dataset.

Setting up a Data Science Laboratory by Buck Woody

Master Data versus Reference Data - Information Management Magazine Article

Enter the Big Data Matrix: analyzing meanings and relations of everything (1/2)

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MapReduce on 27,000 books using multiple storage accounts and HDInsight

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