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Brei & the Bitter Herbs

Pesach recipes too good to pass over.

Gillie Feuer's secret to perfect Matzo Balls: margarine. Maybe it'll be your secret too. Aunt Gillie's Matzo Ball Soup from Saveur, found at

Toss leftover pastrami (is there such a thing!?) into a hearty breakfast hash. Yukon gold potatoes will keep their shape better than alternative, starchy varieties. From Chow, found at

A checkerboard of apricot and raspberry pâte de fruit adds sparkle to your Seder dessert plate. From Food & Wine, found at

So now what to do with all the leftover matzo? Looks like Friday is pizza night! From Martha Stewart, found at

Matzo Pizza Recipe - Edamam

Fancify your Seder with an offering of schmaltzy pâté and dried cherry marmalade on a crisp leaf of bitter endive. From Epicurious, found at

Enrich potato kugel by cooking it in schmaltz for a round, robust flavor. From Michael Ruhlman, found at

Brighten your Seder plate with chiogga beets. The pink & white reminds us of the spiral of troubles that befell our, they're delicious. Shaved Beet and Bitter Greens Salad with Garlic Balsamic Vinaigrette, from Epicurious, found at

Apple Matzah Pudding from Chow, found at

Steam or blanch asparagus until just tender, then toss with an easy garlic oil. From MyRecipes, found at

Smoked whitefish adds an undertone of dark flavor to gefilte fish which is then brightened with lemon-horseradish sauce. From Bon Appetit, found at

A staple of Passover, Matza Brie is an easy, comforting breakfast that will please anyone's palate. From Chow, found at

Matza Brie Recipe Recipe - Edamam

You need something to soak up all the brisket juices. Herbed Passover Rolls from MyRecipes, found at

When you tell them you've made a Matzo-Stuffed Breast of Veal, everyone will kvell! They don't need to know it was easier than roast chicken. From Epicurious, found at

The zest from both lemons and oranges perfectly brightens this almond torte with a citrusy perfume. A drizzle of fresh strawberry puree over the top bumps up it's spring-time factor. From Sassy Radish, found at

Home-cure your own pastrami now. Sure it’s great for dinner; but seared with schmaltzy potatoes, it’s ever better in tomorrow’s breakfast hash. From Michael Ruhlman, found at

Round out the Seder with a citrusy cheesecake set in a delicate almond and matzo meal crust. Once you've scraped the last crumbs from your plate, you'll still feel spry enough to leap up and open the door for Elijah! Passover Lemon Cheesecake from Epicurious, found at

Ditch the brisket in favor of a perfectly moist roast chicken! Serve with a crisp-tender matzo stuffing and a silky cauliflower-spinach puree for a satisfying, but not weighty main course. From Bon Appetit, found at

It's time to revamp gifilte fish! This homemade version from MyRecipes is so fresh and mild, we feel certain it'll convert the haters at your table. Found at

It's not a party until you've had the all important debate: sinkers or floaters. Whatever your preference, bolstering your matzo ball soup with schmaltz is a must. This one also has carrots, parsnips and dill to round out the flavor. From Martha Stewart, found at

Alice Medrich uses coconut flakes instead of shreds for unparalleled texture in her rich, nutty macaroons. A dollop of chocolate on top, well...we wouldn't say no to that either. From Food52, found at

The best part of this matzo-filled, honey-citrus syrup drowned Passover Baklava Cake is that it's even better when prepared a day or two ahead. So go ahead, get dessert out of the way now! From MyRecipes, found at

Quinoa Salad with Parsley and Artichokes makes a great side dish to brisket or roast chicken, but it's also something a bit more substantial for the vegetarians among you. From MyRecipes, found at

If you're looking for a departure from everyday matzo ball soup for you Seder, Einat Admony's Chicken Soup with Gondi (Chickpea Dumplings) is rich and delicious. From Serious Eats, found at

Since you have to eat so much of it, it really should be the best thing on the table. Homemade Matzos from Fine Cooking, found at