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Everyone is unique, and it’s worth to show it - How to draw hydrangea flowers, part I

How to draw hydrangea flowers, part I

How to draw flowers - a free download! ~ch

Learn How to Draw Flowers with Artists Network | Artist's Network

Tiger lily tatoo image by Ginger2509 on Photobucket

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Orchid Tattoo Other flowers that are often used for tattoos are: •orchids: mysterious •forget me not's: an old believe is that the wearers of this flower are not forgotten by their lovers. •sweet peas: blissful pleasure •Irises: passion •Violets: faithfulness, modesty •Narcissus: self-esteem •Peony Flowers: anger

How to Create Mehndi Designs

How to draw cute little birds (piggies, bunnies...) from a blob of watercolor, outlined then 'accessorized.' Frugal fun

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