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Step 1 : Set hair with setting spray and blow dry. Step 2 : Add a few pieces of extensions for volume and height if needed. Step 3 : Tease hair and brush over to one side. Step 4 : Secure with bobby pins then twist pieces of hair back hiding pins. Step 5 : Twist bangs back towards the pin and secure inward. Step 6 : Braid hair and loosen side so it creates a scallop round shape. Pin the tip inward and under hair.

Beauty Tutorials: How to style a side scallop braid

You need: ~Gloves ~Towel for your clothes ~Towel for your hair ~1 cup water ~SUGAR FREE Kool-Aid INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Boil 1 cup of water. 2. Add the Kool-Aid package and stir. 3. Move the pot (or pour the Kool-Aid into another bowl) to the place were you want to dye it. 4. Dip the section of your hair you want dyed into the bowl for 10 minutes. 5. Take it out and blow dry it. TIP: ~You can't shower for 24 hours afterwards, so take a shower before you dye it.

How to get INSANE volume

KRISTANLYNN.COM: bump it with no “bump it” | hair volume tutorial

I really like her haircut...

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