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Forget Ricky…where's Derek?! :) Oh Jason Batemen

Do You Remember - Yesterday, back by popular demand.

Tan M&M’s: | 35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now - I also remember when red went away! LOL that bag says "plain" not "milk chocolate". I still call them plain!

Oh man…I didn't have my own but I borrowed a friends SO often that she just gave it to me :)

The Carol Burnett Show - I loved this show as a kid.

First album I bought with my OWN $. He was cute but not much of a singer ;)

Bay City Rollers - I was in Scottish "rock & roll" (haha) heaven

Sony Walkman - I still have my original one from 1982!

Sears Wish book - straight to the back to look at toys and mark what we wanted!!