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Gardening with Kids

Children can learn so much from Gardening. We're sharing tips and pinning creative ideas that we'd like to do with our children in the garden to raise eco friendly kids. Please visit our websites for more fun activities we do with our children in the Garden!

5 ideas on Encouraging your Child to Help Plant a Garden

5 Fun Plant Activities to Try with Kids This Spring

Bugs In The Garden: What you Want to See and What you Don't from Danielle

Kids in the Kitchen with Oranges: From Tree to table! 10 great ideas for letting kids prepare and experiment with recipes.

Do your kids like to play in the dirt? Show them, how to plant a garden in the spring so you can enjoy a whole summer of kids' gardening fun

Meaningful Literacy: Vegetable Stones for the Kitchen Garden

Veggies to grow in the shade at Lots of options including broccoli, spinach, kale, carrots, and more!

Learning with Seeds Printables includes Activity & Book Ideas #plantaseed

Monthly garden planner for parents and teachers of young children, ages 0-7

Starting Seeds with Kids to teach the value of money by selling plants by Tammy at Housing a Forest

Plant a Seed Day Join us by sharing pictures on social media of planting a seed with your child. For more info and certificate of participation visit The Educators' Spin On It

Raising Chickens; teaching responsibility and knowledge of our food with the addition of farm animals.

Preschool Gardening; Learning responsibility with garden chores, Watering

We LOVE blueberries! (www.theeducatorss...) I read this to help me grow our own at home: Good resource! How to grow blueberries at home - soil preparation, soil pH, which blueberries to grow, how much water blueberries need, best mulch for blue...

Did you miss our guest post this week on re-growing romaine? www.theeducatorss... Sharing this list for our families who may want to try another vegetable!

The art of bonsai gardening with kids; a great way to get kids (and teens) interested in gardening.

Gardeing with Kids INDOORS: Growing Romaine Lettuce from Kitchen Scraps By Betsy Finn Photography

EXTREME weather gardening: kids gardening in extreme weather conditions. Tips, tricks, and learning connections

Garden Connect; Grow a Family. Start Simple. Start Small. And use the garden as a way to connect and better get to know your children.

planting cycads in South Africa and other regions from Teach Me Mommy

The good, the bad, and the ugly of gardening - please don't say you have not been warned!