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Digital Citizenship.

We've teamed up with Common Sense Media to compile some of the best resources for parents, teachers and administrators to guide students to become positive digital citizens and leaders.

8 Steps for Students to Remove their Digital Footprints. Great way to help students understand how their online actions are tracked.

Staying safe online: Google’s best tips and tricks

There is nothing better than a nice and a visually attractive poster to teach your students about digital literacy. The poster can also be pinned down on the classroom wall and act as a reminder of what students need to keep in their minds about the essence of digital literacy.

Kevin Honeycutt quote about teaching digital citizenship -- we can't just avoid going to the Internet in our classrooms and think we are avoiding issues.

Here is a wonderful infographic I have always shared with teachers during the first back-to-school week. This graphic features 20 of the basic digital citizenship rules. These rules are framed in terms of Do's and Don'ts. You can use it with students to introduce them to the topic of digital citizenship and educate them on the different ways they can properly conduct themselves on the web.

Can't put down your device? Obsessing over social media? You may want to dig in to this playlist of videos and resources to help us all reflect on our relationship with technology.

Great flowchart to teach students about the appropriate ways to use online photos in their projects.

Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship | RemindBlog

Fantastic Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship Education in Your Classroom

Great lesson plan for middle school digital citizenship.

Managing your digital footprint - Digital Citizenship Adventures