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Digital Citizenship.

We've teamed up with Common Sense Media to compile some of the best resources for parents, teachers and administrators to guide students to become positive digital citizens and leaders.

Great flowchart to teach students about the appropriate ways to use online photos in their projects.

The Definition Of Digital Citizenship. As more and more students interact digitally – with content, one another, and various communities – the concept of digital citizenship becomes increasingly important.

Fantastic Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship Education in Your Classroom

Great lesson plan for middle school digital citizenship.

Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, and media and digital literacy.

Our Favorite Digital Citizenship Bloggers to Follow in 2014

Managing your digital footprint - Digital Citizenship Adventures

Digital Citizenship Poster for Middle/High School

LA Unified kicks off digital learning, digital citizenship week

Introducing Digital Passport! | Common Sense Media

Pause and Think Online Video Contest. Get excited, get creative, and get involved! Submit your video about digital citizenship by May 31st 2014.

We remade the great THINK image floating around the Web. Feel free to download and use!

  • Lisa Scotti

    Strong desire to prepare students for secondary school and social media

"Certainly, teaching kids early insures at least a preparation for the realities of the Internet whenever the time comes, inside or outside of school, that each child is personally exposed in an unfettered way to the Internet. One thing we can be sure of is that day will come, and when it does, knowledge will be that kid's best defense."

Announcing Our Free iBooks Textbooks! The Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum you know and love now fits in the palm of your hand.

Combat bullying with empathy and understanding. Find out how to win a classroom set of the paperback edition of "Sticks and Stones".

Teach students to T.H.I.N.K. before they act in digital spaces.

Teach and test the basics of online life with Digital Passport! Games and videos to engage 3rd - 5th graders are now available on iOS and Android.

Ben Johnson explores how to create engaging learning environments in the age of the Internet.