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Lesson Planning.

Are your lessons and units in need of some flavor? Spice up your instructional planning process with these fun resources!

“Sticky Teaching” – interesting idea. Learning that lingers. Chris Lema gets at that idea in the following presentation, along with a basic explanation of why this idea works by focusing on the patterns that brains “can’t ignore.”

The ABCs Of Sticky Teaching

Explore resources related to recognizing and valuing student knowledge, input, and expertise and building student-centered learning environments where students make decisions about how learning happens.

Resources on Engaging Student Voices

My Own Genius Hour: Process for Genius Hour

My Own Genius Hour: Process for Genius Hour

Many, Many Examples Of Essential Questions

Many, Many Examples Of Essential Questions

On-the-spot scaffolding is an essential skill for teachers. Check out these three strategies for assisting students when they struggle.

On-the-Spot Scaffolding for Students

With a lesson-sized learning target, students can focus on what they’re trying to learn in that specific lesson. When yesterday’s lesson leads to today’s lesson, which leads to tomorrow’s lesson, students move toward achieving the curricular goals and mastering the state standards you’re ultimately trying to teach.

The Lowdown on Learning Targets

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects — Learning in Hand

Crafting Questions That Drive Projects

Instead of detailing all the different ways an assignment deviates from the target, the single-point rubric simply describes the target, using a single column of traits.

Download lesson plans, worksheets, & rubrics to assess students through real-world projects.

Free Resources and Tools for "Authentic" Assessment

Can we change the name from lesson plan to learning plan?

This is not a lesson plan. - A.J. Juliani

Learn how to use the Jigsaw method to teach empathy in your classroom.

Teaching Empathy: Turning a Lesson Plan into a Life Skill

How do you give feedback? Read to find more tips for brain-based assessment.

Assessment, Choice, and the Learning Brain

A "sponge activity" is a lesson soaking up precious time that would otherwise be lost. Hint: it should be fun as well as educational.

Academic Sponge Activities

Norman Webb's Depth of Knowledge Levels is a system that categorizes tasks according to the complexity of thinking required to successfully complete them.

Using Webb's Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor
  • N.K. Durso

    As in rigor mortis? That word needs to go away...along with common core.

Genius Hour In The Classroom: 6 Principles Of Genius Hour

6 Principles Of Genius Hour In The Classroom

Various quotes on assessment. From ASCD, “Using Assessments Thoughtfully”

Looking for information on guiding classroom communities, minimizing disruptions, and developing class routines to help students stay engaged and focused on learning? This resource collection is packed with useful tips, tools, and advice.

Classroom Management: Resource Roundup

27 benefits to using rubrics.

Rubrics | An Ethical Island

Response to Intervention and the 3-Tiered Model. Free printable.

Response to Intervention and the 3-Tiered Model

How do you embrace messy learning? Tips to create an authentic learning experience.

Embracing Messy Learning