Lesson Planning.

Are your lessons and units in need of some flavor? Spice up your instructional planning process with these fun resources!

Teacher feedback must be informative and encouraging for students to fully understand whether they're learning and what they can do to improve the learning process.

A guide to using the Depth of Knowledge model to encourage higher levels of thinking in students.

A Depth Of Knowledge Rubric For Reading, Writing, And Math

The good curriculum is in the details, so focus your teacher super powers on the granular aspects of planning ahead for the new school year.

Planning the Best Curriculum Unit Ever

Students learn when ready, but not everyone reaches that point simultaneously. Discover resources to help meet the readiness needs of all your students.

15+ Readiness Resources for Driving Student Success

BLOOMS TAXONOMY: Questions to ask to practice learning.

Did my students learn anything?

How Questions Promote Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Learning Across Subject Areas. Foster more careful and grounded reading in students by asking questions of varying levels of difficulty.

Organized Charm: 6 Steps for More Effective Studying

Organized Charm: 6 Steps for More Effective Studying

Lesson plans and activities to finish strong.

Resources and Downloads to Improve Student Performance

Bloom's Taxonomy and Twitter. Use all 6 steps! :)

Google made this famous -- learn how you can use it in your classroom.

6 Tips for Getting Started with Genius Hour
  • Jenny Hensgen

    Did this last for a quarter during human biology unit. Students chose topic about body of their choice and produced a thinglink to inform peers. Great experience for all.

  • edutopia

    @Jenny Hensgen That's wonderful!

  • Krista Martin

    Great way to reinforce to students that curiosity is an invaluable part of learning. I would like to pitch this idea to my local public library and the learning support center where I teach. Participating students would have access to all of the library resources!

Get lesson plans, enrichment activities, assessment rubrics, & more.

Resources and Downloads for Differentiated Instruction

Assessment feel like a fog to you? Here are 3 great tips to creating clear and accurate learning goals.

3 Guidelines to Eliminating Assessment Fog

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy with Verbs. Great way to think about learning objectives.

Bloom's revised Taxonomy with verbs!

Great chart that includes various visualization methods. Hover over each "element" for a description.

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Taxonomy for teaching and assessing project-based learning in the classroom.

Howard-Winn Tech Blog

7 essentials for meaningful project based learning #PBL #visual

Looking for resources on Differentiated Instruction? Visit Edutopia for helpful ideas to build lessons and materials that fit your students.

Differentiated Instruction

Great tips on how to use Differentiation in your classroom.

Teaching with the Library of Congress

How Teachers Can Leverage The Library of Congress - Edudemic

Death and loss can be a sensitive subject in the classroom. Get some inspiring tips and advice on ways to help your students in these times.

In the Classroom: Helping Children Speak about Death and Loss

Tips for accepting & making the most out of “messy days”.

Embracing Messy Learning

Before you start your lesson planning, check out these 8 myths that undermine educational effectiveness.

8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

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